Proper Grease Disposal

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Grease Beasts, made from a combination of grease, oils, and fats produced by cooking, and disposable wet wipes (like baby wipes, cleaning wipes, and sanitizing hand wipes) are a very 21st century problem, and one that is threatening the waste systems of developed cities across the globe.

In Rhode Island, millions of gallons of cooking oil is used every year to make delicious food. French fries! Clam cakes! Fried dough! That in itself isn’t an issue, but how we dispose of the oil and grease certainly is. Hot cooking oil might be liquid when it goes down the drain, but when it hits the cold sewers, it solidifies into a greasy glob. So if you pour used cooking oil down the drain when cleaning up after dinner, then you, too, have fed a Grease Beast.

How do we fight the Grease Beasts? We call upon MR. CAN, the Narragansett Bay Commission's grease-busting superhero. While the Grease Beasts are creating ickiness all over town with their clogging activities, MR. CAN solidifies the Beasts with his cooling wand, and then disposes of the grease properly in the trash can. This protects the wastewater treatment facilities and leads to cleaner water in Narragansett Bay and our local rivers.

Be like MR. CAN: when you see a Grease Beast, cool it & can it!

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